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Awarded for Hydrogen Refueling Stations program.

Awarded for Hydrogen Refueling Stations program.

     Ministry of Economic Affairs held the 153th Industrial Technology Development Probram, will be through two Industrial Technology Development Plan, namely General Optics Corp. And Taigene Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. A joint application, "with a hydrogen refueling station proton exchange membrane hydrogen production equipment development plan. "

     General Optics Corp. (Program Leader) the development of proton exchange membrane hydrogen station hydrogen production equipment Energy security and environmental conservation in the wave, how to reduce the use of fossil energy, renewable energy and efficient use of energy storage has become an important issue of this century. As the conversion rate of hydrogen, renewable and zero emissions and other characteristics to hydrogen as an energy storage type, is quite feasible way, and the hydrogen used in fuel cells to generate electricity, have become an important future alternative energy sources. Europe and the United States is actively developing fuel cell vehicles, to invest in developing hydrogen technology, hydrogen to replace oil, a view to taking into account the energy security of supply and reduce carbon emissions, but the biggest bottleneck is the equipment price and electricity costs.

     In view of this, General Optics Corp. With Taigene Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., Developing hydrogen refueling station with high volume of hydrogen proton exchange membrane water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment and technology, by improving the production of membrane electrode set and battery technology to improve water electrolytic cell efficiency to reduce electricity costs, and improve cell structure and simplify the system to reduce equipment prices, while addressing the cost of equipment prices and electricity bottlenecks. Technical development of this project is completed, you can master the key components of self-developed hydrogen device the energy, and branched out into the international arena under its own brand, the main depot will cooperate with the international launch of fuel cell vehicles of the schedule, estimated 103-105 annual output value of over NT $ 2 billion to create and creating more than 300 people of jobs.



     光騰光電(主導)開發加氫站用質子交換膜產氫設備 在能源安全及環保減排的浪潮下,如何減少使用石化能源,有效利用再生能源與能源儲存已成為本世紀重要課題。氫氣由於轉化率高、可再生及零排放等特性,以氫氣作為能源儲存型式,是相當可行的一種方式,而將氫氣應用於燃料電池來發電,更成為未來重要替代能源之一。歐美各國正積極發展燃料電池車,投入開發製氫技術,以氫氣取代石油,期能兼顧能源安全供給與減碳,惟其中最大瓶頸就是設備價格與電力費用。