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Taipei AMPA: 28th Taipei Int'l Auto parts &Accessories Show
Awarded for Hydrogen Refueling Stations program.

Hydrogen is envisioned as the most promising alternative to conventional fossil fuels with less environmental damage, and greater conversion efficiency. And, fuel cells are no doubt the key for widespread implementation of hydrogen.

Among several methods, hydrogen can be produced by water electrolysis with a higher degree of gas purity and increased level of safety. Furthermore, water electrolysis based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) offers several advantages over traditional technologies including greater energy efficiency, higher production rates, and more compact design.
In an ideal energy cycle, electricity from renewable energy sources is used to electrochemically split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The produced hydrogen and oxygen are then re-converted into electricity when demanded. Hydrogen serves as an energy carrier in this regenerative scenario, and is perfect for long term energy storage.

GOC has been striving to provide competitive energy solution at an acceptable cost. Our core technology lies at developing key components and subsystems for both production and utilization of Hydrogen. Based on PEM, we are focusing on water electrolysis and fuel cell technologies. Our goal is to further unitize the two units as one, and introduce the unitized regenerative fuel cell to transport and stationary applications.