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Regenerative Hybrid Power System



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The Regenerative Hybrid Power System (RHPS) is a highly integrated syst em which stores intermittent renewable energy and delivers reliable electric power. It is most useful to serve as a stand-alone power system for remote area, or as an UPS for Telecommunication base stations.

The system takes power from renewable sources, such as wind turbines or PV, splits water into Hydrogen via water electrolysis, and stores Hydrogen in metal hydride canisters. Hydrogen then feeds into fuel cells to produce electricity whenever electric power is needed.

The RHPS comprises a Water Electrolyser, Metal Hydride Canisters, a Fuel Cell Module, Inverters, a Control Unit, and all necessary accessories to meet both functionality and safety requirements. The power output and power durations can be tailored to suit all kinds of applications. The RHPS is a cost-effective solution for low emission power systems.